Must Have Jewelry for Summer 2024 to Complete Your Look From Beach Day to Date Night

Must Have Jewelry For Summer 2024 To Complete Your Look From Beach Day To Date Night

By: Skydell Design

Summer is coming in hot and here at Skydell Design, we have the perfect pieces that will keep you trendy and sparkling all summer long! From beach days to summer date nights, jewelry can be the perfect finishing touches to your outfit of the day! Let’s get into some of the must haves for your summer jewelry collection from chunky gold earrings to layered necklaces and more.

Summer means a fresh tan after a long day at the beach and what goes better with glowing golden skin than a solid gold piece of jewelry? Chunky gold hoops are the perfect addition to your ear and your outfit. You can’t go wrong with throwing on that chunky hoop - they match the crochet beach cover up that you have in your closet and the little black dress for your date night! If you have multiple piercings on your ear, play around with different hoop sizes! One plus of wearing solid gold is that you won’t have to worry about the gold tarnishing from sweat or salty water. This will have your pieces looking brand new for plenty of summers and beach vacations to come.

We got your ears covered, now let’s talk neck! Our favorite way to complete an outfit in the summertime is with layering necklaces. Two to three fun gold chains are the perfect jewelry staple. Depending on your outfit and the look you’re going for, you can decide thickness, style and amount of necklaces needed to finish the look. Start with a gold choker, then layer on a longer chain or two. Our personal favorite look is to layer a herringbone chain with something like a rope chain and then a longer pendant. An initial necklace is a great addition to layer with the basic gold chains. This layering technique will take any summer outfit to the next level. This makes even the simplest of tank tops look elevated.

Let’s finish with our hands. Stacking a bunch of rings together is a fun way to spice up your look. To compliment the gold earrings, and chains we’re going to be wearing this summer, stick to gold bands that range from thin to thick. Pair your twisted gold rope chain necklace with a twisted gold rope ring for a cohesive look. The gold bands on your tan fingers will surely be eye-catching. If you don’t want to keep your jewelry look purely gold, you can add in some summer color with an emerald gold band stackable ring or a pink diamond band. Subtle pops of color in combination with gold will ensure your looks are never boring, all summer long!

Accessorizing is the key to finishing off your summer look and with our summer jewelry tips, you can’t go wrong. These simple gold pieces are so easy to throw on as you’re running out the door. So when your outfit feels a little unfinished, you can grab those gold rings and stack them on. When your neck feels a little empty, layer up those chains! When you have your hair pulled back into that slick back bun and your ears are exposed, gold hoops add that little something. You can shop all of these styles right here at to complete your summer wardrobe with the perfect jewels.