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Skydell Design LLC offers an extensive collection of fine jewelry. From classic elegance to the truly unique, we have an unparalleled collection of fine jewels to express your individual style. You may choose from hundreds of beautifully designed pieces or have a design made especially for you, whichever you choose, the resources here will guide you in the right direction. Whether you have questions about diamonds or a specific piece of jewelry, you will find the answers here. If not, please feel free to call and speak with one of our sales associates at 201-394-0848. We will be happy to answer any of your questions. Being an industry leading manufacturer in fine jewelry allows us to offer unbeatable prices. This is possible because there are no middlemen. We normally sell to the many popular jewelry stores most people are familiar with. Now we sell strictly to the consumer often at a third of what they charge. 

Jamie Skydell - Founder/CEO 

35 years ago, with a baby on the way and a desire to buy his wife a diamond wedding band to mark the birth of their first child, Jamie took a leap of faith and left the company he was working at from the age of 18 to begin a new venture. Having already been successful in sales for over 10 years and being personally in the market for the diamond wedding band, he understood firsthand the joy of giving the perfect diamond to a loved one and the need to balance that with affordability. Thus, Skydell Design Corporation was born, a company dedicated to building relationships with it's clients by understanding their needs and providing clients with the highest quality diamonds for engagement, weddings, anniversaries or any special occasion at the most affordable prices.  While the company has grown and expanded over the past 35 years, Skydell Design has remained true to it's original business model of insuring that each client who purchases from the company is treated with personalized attention every step of the way, whether they are purchasing a stock item or creating a one-of-a-kind design for their loved one. Jamie was fortunate to have his son Jordan join the company in 2019.
“Being able to work with my son every day, knowing that he is equally invested in our customers and transforming Skydell Design Corp. into a true family business has been the greatest joy of my career”. 

Jordan Skydell - Vice President

After helping to grow his mothers program for special needs children by connecting to each family on a personal level Jordan immediately realized that personal attention, trust and honesty are the keys to growing a business. Having the opportunity to join a family business was the obvious choice for Jordan who began working full time for Skydell Design, LLC in 2019.
In addition to his warm and engaging personality, (just check out his over 100 google reviews) Jordan adds a youthful flair for current fashion, knowledge of social media and the most current technology to help clients choose, design, create and see their purchase every step of the way without ever having to leave their home.
“Knowing this is a family business and my dad’s legacy adds that extra bit of drive and motivation for me to work my hardest and offer our clients my best every day.” 
“I wake up every day excited to go to work, speak with my clients and make sure they are 100% confident they are getting the best quality product at the best price no matter their budget!” 

Emily Rodriguez - Sales Assistant

After developing a passion for social media and technology at Fashion Institute of Technology, Emily knew she wanted to start her career in a place that allowed her to pursue both areas. Skydell Design turned out to be the perfect fit for her. Throughout her time at the company, she has implemented new strategies and solutions, contributing to the seamless day-to-day operations.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about the intricate world of jewelry, and I am grateful for the opportunities that Skydell Design provides as I continue to grow in my role as a sales assistant."

Olivia Bennet - Logistics Coordinator 

Olivia developed a passion for logistics and supply chain management during her studies at Georgetown University. Seeking a place where she could apply her skills and continue learning, Olivia found her fit at Skydell Design. Throughout her time at the company, she has implemented effective logistics strategies and solutions, contributing significantly to the seamless operations of the jewelry business.

"I take great pride in navigating the complexities of the jewelry industry through logistics. Skydell Design has provided invaluable growth opportunities, and I am grateful to be part of the team as a Logistics Coordinator."
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